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Valley Cattery - Tranquil Warm & Healthy  
The cattery consists of Standard and Ritz units

Our cattery is located at the western end of our private residence well away from the dog accommodation. Warmth, peace and comfort in a healthy environment are the guiding principles of Valley Cattery.

Our licence is for 20 cats only, ensuring plenty of attention is given to each of our guests. We do not over-book during holiday periods, and there is no 'high season' tariff. We believe in offering year-round accommodation of very high quality in a calm and peaceful environment. Possibly for this reason, we often receive bookings months in advance with some clients specifying a particular unit.

The cattery consists of two sizes of units which we refer to as 'Standard' and Ritz' units.

A standard unit measures 2 metres deep, 1 metre wide and 2.4 metres high. Each guest is provided with a large sleeping den, with a heating pad placed on the roof. A litter tray and toys completes the standard features. Our clients are welcome to provide additional lounging items, rugs or special food as required. We will fit with your wishes as to any additional creature comforts your cat is used to - the safety and well-being of your cat is our primary concern.

A Ritz unit is quite simply double sized - being 2 metres deep, 2 metres wide and 2.4 metres high. These units usually are fitted with two sleeping dens both with heating pads on top, a chair for lounging in the sun, and a scratching pole. Once again we are happy for our clients to provide additional items of comfort.

The cattery has been designed with free natural airflow throughout, and as much sunlight as possible. We do not offer grassed playing areas, believing this to be a potential for cross-infection. Again with health in mind the cattery is not air conditioned.

For those cats who enjoy some outside "prowl time" we have a fully enclosed 'garden room' available on a rotational basis - we do not mix cats, unless of the same family. This room provides lots of space, and quite frequently the overhanging branches harbour a bird or two for added interest.

At night we draw down the canvas blinds on the north side of the cattery, the music is switched off, and our guests are left to laze on their heating pads, or snuggle in their dens.

Over the years we have had many personal inspections and we actively encourage this. We know from comments that our facilities are far and away the best on offer.

Please contact us for your inspection - we know the cattery speaks best for itself.

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615 Mt Scanzi Road, Kangaroo Valley NSW 2577
ph. (02) 4465 1043    email: stay@valleykennels.com.au