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Valley Kennels - Healthy Activity To Suit Your Dog  

Valley Kennels is planned for space, freedom, high activity levels, hygiene and safety. We seek to adapt the environment and levels of human interaction to meet the needs of each dog. The facilities are designed for safety and fun.

Our tariff is not affected by holiday period surcharges, or the size of your dog. The smallest and the largest of breeds deserves the same care and attention; and regular human interaction. Licenced only for 40 dogs, we provide a level of individual attention close to that you provide yourself at home.

We offer 3 levels of accommodation:

(a) Bed & Breakfast - This level covers approximately 2 acres of grounds (divided into 5 play areas) where the dogs are given as much time running, playing or "just mooching around" as we feel they need. If a dog is social, we will introduce a playmate or two of similar disposition. If a dog prefers to be alone it is able to run and play in private - the individual needs of the dog set the pattern of the holiday.

Sleeping units are the size of a single carport and are very sheltered "outdoor type" accommodation. We are exposed to full sun from sunlight to sunset, and we are above the fog and frost lines in the Valley - with particularly beautiful winter conditions.

(b) Executive Suite - Suitable for the one or two-dog family, this is a tiled, private room with a slow combustion heater available for winter. The suite is part of the staff tearoom and adjacent to the reception area. There is ready access to a large and sunny grassed run available throughout the day.

(The Executive Suite is in use nearly constantly, with some owners re-booking from visit to visit)

(c) House Special - this level of accommodation is available only to special guests, usually by referral and individual assessment in the first instance.

The ability to mix in sociably is an absolute requirement. We have several guests who have been coming regularly for many years.

Above all, your dog must be somebody you could invite into your own home - because that's what we frequently do.

Pick-up and Delivery

We offer a seven day a week, door-to-door service for all areas in the Southern Highlands and the Shoalhaven region. This service operates between 10am-12 noon daily. Cost varies depending on the region where the dog lives, but is generally $40.00 to the Southern Highlands, or to the Shoalhaven. We need to know if you'd like to use this service 24 hours in advance to make staff and vehicle arrangements.

  • For Sydney customers - We can save you the trip down and back up the mountain by meeting you at the Southern Highlands Tourist Information Centre (Mittagong) any day between 10am and 12 noon. (11am usually suits us best, but we can be flexible). Mittagong is 45 minutes from us; so using this facility will save you at least 1.5 hours of driving. It's a lovely, scenic drive, but sometimes you may not have the time or inclination! The charge is $40.00.

  • For Canberra customers - We can meet at the McDonalds, Sutton Forest (on the Hume Highway about 15 mins north of Goulburn) if you'd like. We are 50 minutes from this point; so meeting us there will save you approximately 1.75 hours of (very scenic) driving. Cost is $40.00 and we meet there between 10am and 12 noon daily. (11.30-12 noon usually suits us best, but we can be flexible).

Veterinary Requirements

We require proof of a C5 vaccination/booster (this is the regular annual booster). This is your dog's passport to enter Valley Kennels, and we legally need to sight it each time your dog comes to stay with us.

Veterinary Attention

There are in excess of 36 vets within 35 minutes of us (Coast and the Highlands), and we will consult the vet of your choice on any veterinary problem. If you come from farther afield, we would use a vet of our choice in an emergency, who would consult with your regular vet if required.

Miscellaneous Information

We have very extensive experience in handling dogs and can look after dogs with special requirements including rehabilitation from major surgery, diabetic injections, suture removal, and bitches in season.

  • You need bring only your dog (and any medication required). All bowls, bedding and toys are provided by us, but if YOU feel better bringing something along, then by all means, do so - because it's important that your dog knows YOU are happy with it coming to stay here.

We have a full grooming and bathing service - prices available on request.

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615 Mt Scanzi Road, Kangaroo Valley NSW 2577
ph. (02) 4465 1043    email: stay@valleykennels.com.au